In 2007, the Friends of Linden Grove initiated the effort to develop a Master Plan for the Cemetery. The concept of a Master Plan was originally identified as a priority in the Board of Overseers’ 2005 Annual Report. The ongoing development process will produce a Cemetery Master Plan that prioritizes needed physical improvements that can be implemented in multiple phases over a 10 to 12 year period. These improvements are an essential part of the effort to improve public awareness and appreciation of the Cemetery as an important historic and cultural asset to the City of Covington and Northern Kentucky. 

The proposed Master Plan will provide detailed land use planning and prioritize physical improvements in the Cemetery, such as two new pedestrian gateways, construction of pedestrian walking trails, restoration of water features (lake), landscaping, and installation of drinking fountains & pathway lighting. Development of a Master Plan represents exciting and new possibilities for transforming Linden Grove Cemetery into a value added asset for the residents of Westside, Peaselburg, all of Covington and Northern Kentucky. 

Beginning with the execution of the Inter Local Agreement in 1998, nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been invested in substantial improvements to Linden Grove Cemetery, including:

  • the installation of new perimeter fencing;
  • re-grading the eastern edge of the former lakebed;
  • re-building three private mausoleum vaults; and
  • ongoing removal of dead tree stock.

Since 2007, several improvements and initiatives that have been identified as core components in the Cemetery’s Master Plan development process have been completed. The completion of these projects preceded the next phase of planned improvements.