The Adopt-a-Plot program weaves together history, community, and the outdoors. Adopt-a-Plot from Historic Linden Grove to celebrate a life, explore local history, connect through shared experiences, and enjoy our city’s green space.

By adopting a plot you:

Support the cemetery
An Adopt-a-Plot purchase helps to fiscally support the cemetery. Your purchase is for the benefit of Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum and is deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Preserve and develop our history
Learning and sharing Adopt-a-Plot stories can help build and celebrate our rich local culture.

Connect multi-generations of our community
Engaging with Adopt-a-Spot can help us learn about our shared experiences and find connections between generations.

Spend time outside
Visiting your plot is a respectful way to honor someone’s life. It is also a way to actively enjoy our city’s green space and enjoy outdoor recreation.

Download a comprehensive PDF which outlines the program and should answer any questions you may have:

To Adopt-A-Plot, choose a person below.

Once chosen, add their listing to your cart, and check out.

After checkout, you will have officially Adopted-A-Plot, and are now a part of the preservation effort of both our cemetery and our local history!

In your email, you will find a receipt for your purchase, and a link to download a PDF document. This PDF contains additional program information. The PDF is available by clicking the button link on this page as well.

Please use the hashtag #LindenLives on your social media network of choice! When you share about Linden Grove and your adoptee, you are sharing history and the fact that there is a beautiful cemetery and arboretum right here in Covington, KY!

* Only individuals who have been deceased for more than 100 years are part of the program.

* Adoption period is from April 2017 through October 2017.

* Adopt-a-Plot members will be invited to our annual event in the autumn to be recognized and to share your experience over the past year.

* Adopt-A-Plot self-directed activities include: visiting your adoptee, taking a rubbing of the headstone, researching your adoptee, celebrating your adoptees birthday, visiting them around the holidays, enjoying a small picnic with friends at the cemetery in honor of your adoptee. Or anything else you come up with!

Adopt-a-Plot individuals

This page shows individuals who are currently available. This is our pilot program and the adoption period runs from April 2017 to October 2017. Please contact us with any questions by navigating to the Contact page. If an individual is not available, it will say 'sold out'.